Thursday, 13 December 2012

Some more of old Radge D. and the storyboard roughs for Silvy's Storm.

A bit more of Radge, these are ink on acetate laid over watercolours. I like that you can move the drawing around like a layer in photoshop, and make the colour miss the lines which looks so good in screenprinting.

Radge Dalbot
The cheek of yoof!

Radge Dalbot
Sheet clamp niggles.

Radge in the Raj ,rough

Radge Dalbot
Radge in the Raj

Radge Dalbot
Radge's mate.

On to the roughs for Silvy's Storm, a previous post. One thing I enjoy looking at is storyboards and roughs, they show thinking and revisions but more they are the genesis of the ideas and tell you as in shorthand, about the chaotic creative process!

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