Saturday, 24 September 2016

Allan Pettersson Symphonies, Stockhausen - Momente, The Czars, MGMT - Metanoia and The Notwist - Your Signs

It's great to make time for some images for favourite music.
Here are some for (numbered) Pettersson symphonies. His 16th is so amazing and jazzy I have it on a loop sometimes.

allan pettersson, cloudpine451, music

stockhausen, momente, cloudpine451, music

Karlheinz Stockhausen - Momente          I do not understand it but that is why I love it. Spaceships are in order for Stockhausen.

czars, cloudpine451, music

czars, cloudpine451, music

The Czars - (Best of) and jadewashed interior art. I'm new to the Czars, John Grant's voice cuts through you! This nautical artwork came to me while listening.

It would be useless not to include Grant's famous Sigourney Weaver song-

MGMT - Metanoia (Jadewashed)  MGMT know how to keep me interested. The transformed chords of the synth at the end of Metanoia bring happy smiles.

 The Notwist - Your Signs from the album Shrink.  ....So jazzy, so good with a few ciders.

No art for this one, but one of the most sublime things I have heard from a trumpet! I remember watching this on telly on the night and being awestruck. Qigang was a pupil of Messiaen and it shines through here, the master would have been so proud! Bravo Alison Balsom!

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