Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Iain M. Banks audiobook revelation

I've recently been ill and had on the audiobook of Iain M. Banks' Use Of Weapons, I read it a long time ago, but I had forgotten everything about it, as I am prone to do. My point is I have to share what an amazing experience! Narrated perfectly by Peter Kenny who is in turn sardonic, world weary and hilarious. I've discussed with others how Banks' Culture novels can dim your eyes, they are so exhausting, and how different then to hear the story. I would describe the book as having all of my favourite sci-fi elements, the humour of Douglas Adams, and the vicious, rational dialogue in Stanley Kubricks' movie rather than A.C.Clarkes' original 2001. A great deal of the audiobooks success is down to the narrator, who charges the characters with the necessary blood sweat and tears, and also manages to calm for the more pastoral chapters, perfection!

Stand out moments are so numerous, so these won't spoil it-

 When like in the anime TenchiMuyo, the starship Xenophobe presents itself to Diziet Sma as a cute, tiny furry creature demanding cuddles! Peter Kenny's 'cute' voice is hysterical.

Cheradenine Zakalwe is caught short and has to kill his driver, who speaks through a machine in a series of hilarious catchphrases. Zak manages to stop the driver before the voice machine...

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  1. Fantastic book - great this publication is quality. Even though I see them every day at work i've never actually listened to a talking book. Heaps of library patrons do however.