Sunday, 21 October 2012

Journal 05 2004

In the last twenty years I made about fifty sketchbook journals, and these helped enormously whenever I was stuck on an illustration. I could look to the diary stock of sketches and the doodles of all the friends that I would ask to add something. 

It's good to look back at drawings rather than a written diary, there is so much more information!

In 2001 I was a cleaner, and at tea time I developed the habit of quickly drawing the groups of people around me, this came in very handy as a supply teacher. I would enter the class with pen to paper, which worked a treat getting the class quiet, then inevitably I had lots of requests for portraits.


  1. These are great man, must be great having them to refer back to. Thought about photographing some of Carl's stuff that we did early 90's but he seems wary of it. Not got much of my scribbling so have to rely on photo's for memories.

    1. I love that stuff, he should be proud of it! Cant wait to post the journals with our drawings in! Like I said our portraits can be cruel on others but the biggest laugh is at ourselves!