Monday, 27 August 2012

The Glory Of Our Microbial Ancestry

Dedicated to Richard Dawkins, who wants to see art celebrating both the cosmological and the quantum! Here we are in the sea 2 billion years ago, not sure there would be any crystalline forms, oh well.

The Glory Of Our Bacteriological Ancestry, Richard Dawkins, Chris Cavill, Atheist art


  1. Now then, glad to see this is taking off, hope you are getting as much pleasure from it as I have been, and also with mine. Take a look at my blog and see the Black Iris pumpclip pic - Artwork similar to yours mebbe? I'm going to pop all 5 on Flickr in a bit. You may like. Yan

  2. Intergalactic I.P.A.! There should be more Like this. Getting off to a monsterously pretentious start here, so lucky to have friends like you who know where it's at!

  3. Why can't I just draw some apples, keep it simples!